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Wildlife Reflections Photography, a registered Utah business, is an entrepreneurial enterprise owned by photographers Laura Romin and Larry Dalton. We established our photography business in the mid 1990s, learning and enhancing our photography skills along the way. Our passion for photographing wildlife stems from our shared childhood inquisitiveness about nature, guiding each of our formative educations, resulting in advanced ecological graduate degrees. All of this resulted in employment as wildlife biologists and vast experiences for hands-on interactions in the field with wildlife. As professional wildlife biologists we have nearly 70 years of combined experience managing wildlife, and have authored multiple peer-reviewed publications. The world’s wild lands, national parks, wilderness areas and nature preserves provide the stage for our wildlife photography, which is focused exclusively upon free roaming wildlife and their ecosystems.

Our photography and popular articles about wildlife have been marketed, sold and widely published across the world in numerous books, magazines and newspapers. In addition, our images have been awarded by national and international wildlife organizations including: The Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Park Service, Hogle Zoo, Australia Geographic, UK Daily Mail, Roy Safaris, Inc., Away to Africa Safaris, and Afrikan Wildlife Safaris.

Successful wildlife photography and resulting conservation education not only provides the perfect opportunity but also demands for us to spend much of our free time in the world’s fabulous outdoor settings. Man cannot re-create such fully functional ecosystems or the spectacular wildlife that is found there; and photographers cannot document occurrences therein without being there. Nature photographers like Laura and I must document these occurrences as a preserving step in their perpetuation. As scientists we know what to look for and as photographers we know how to document our observations. As photographers Laura and I have made discoveries in wildlife behavior not before published; we have documented rare wildlife populations; and we have inspired others to take time to enjoy nature. Most importantly, our wildlife photos have helped others to understand and enjoy wildlife and their associated ecosystems, causing some to speak up and take action, so that mankind will protect these treasures forever.

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